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I’m Monica, the founder and *insert cheeky, buzzworthy title* here. With nearly a decade of consulting experience and a Master’s in Business under my belt, I’ve dedicated my career to helping dreamers like you turn your passions into thriving businesses. Whether you're just starting out with a skill, craft, or talent, or you're looking to take your established business to new heights, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

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My Story

My consulting journey has taken me through a diverse array of industries, from the fast-paced world of professional sports to the serene settings of health and wellness, and everything in between, including hospitality, real estate, and retail. This eclectic experience allows me to bring a unique and well-rounded perspective to each client, ensuring personalized and impactful strategies.

But enough about business—let’s talk about what fuels my spirit outside the office. I’m a food enthusiast who believes in indulging in all the deliciousness life has to offer. You can often find me unwinding with a glass of wine after a rejuvenating but ~oh my gosh, why do I do this~ hot yoga session, or taking some "me time" at the beach or in a coffee shop. I’m a baseball fan who loves the thrill of the game, and above all, I cherish every moment spent with my family.

My mission is to provide you with the direction, motivation, and tools you need to succeed. Let's work together to turn your dreams into reality and make your business the success story it deserves to be.

Ready to get started? Let's chat and take that next big step together!


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